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The Slade Roberson Interview

I had the great privilege of interviewing one of the best author’s I’ve ever read.  And, I’m not just saying that so you’ll listen to the interview. If you ever pick up one of Slade’s books, which I highly recommend, you come into contact with one of the most fluid and incredible writers of our time. Not only are his stories profound, moving, and incredibly entertaining, they are written from a master writer — someone who knows their craft better than the rest. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview.

Much Love,

Brandon Ellis

VideoCast Interview with One of the Most Popular Authors in Sci Fi/Fantasy

Brandon Ellis interviews popular author, Joseph Lallo in Brandon’s Author Interview Series in Science Fiction and Fantasy – the second of many Author Interviews.

Joseph Lallo, author of the very popular Book of Deacon series, the Free Wrench Series, Big Sigma Series, the Other Eight, and Between.


Joseph’s Author Page:

Joseph’s Website:

Joseph Lallo has published 17 books and is well on his way to being one of the most sought after fiction writers in Science Fiction and Fantasy. He has topped the lists on Amazon many times and has a popular science fiction/fantasy podcast on book marketing and tips.

Take a look at this interview, as it won’t disappoint. Learn about his writing process, his story lines, and how the wold of science fiction and fantasy comes into Joseph’s head and onto paper.


Brandon Ellis

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