The PureLights and the Pyramid of Ohm

Book Cover: The PureLights and the Pyramid of Ohm
Part of the The PureLights Series series:

Zoey is on the run with malicious Dims in hot pursuit. They are determined to stop her from reaching her destination—the great Pyramid of Ohm. Attached to Zoey’s leg is the sacred scroll of the PureLight Order and the golden key, hidden from view by a powerful spell. She must deliver these to complete her mission and to help save the PureLights. What Zoey doesn’t know is that she also holds the secret to something even more valuable—something the Dims will gladly sacrifice their own lives to destroy.

Coda has already arrived at the Pyramid of Ohm, but he is trapped inside one of its chambers by a Dim spy. Coda knows he has only one day to escape before the chamber burns him alive.

The VioletLights—the sages of the PureLights—must help their friends defend themselves in the final battle against the evil clutches of Crepus Dim and his army. Their last chance of hope is to convince the Thunderbirds, an ancient race of giant birds, to help them. Will the Thunderbirds turn the PureLights away and watch them crumble under Crepus' fatal rule?


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