The Veil Rising

Get ready, because it is quite a ride.

~ Description ~

They’ve lived in orbit around planet Lumus and have for for centuries and, for all they know, no one else exists but them.

However, they don’t know how their race got here. No history book has an answer and no historian has the guts to find out. It’s as if the human race originated in orbit around this planet. Any knowledge of their distant past has either been erased or their Prime Director is correct–they were birthed here.

Most don’t question it. Some do.

Regardless, life is undisturbed. All they know is peace. There is no torment and no war. Their starships and starfighters are for show; unneeded and manufactured to create employment. They have no known enemies, have never been threatened, and certainly have never experienced carnage. Because of this…

…they aren’t prepared for what’s coming.

And then it happens…Star Guild is in shambles. Most of their starships and starfighters are destroyed. Thousands are dead.

In the aftermath of the attack, only those with the eyes to see begin to discover that things are not as they should be, and never have been. To make matters worse, they soon realize they are uncovering only the tip of an even more malevolent disaster soon to occur.

But, who will believe them?

The mainstream quickly returns to normal as repairs begin and wounds heal, while a small few are on constant watch and preparing for another attack.

A charismatic figurehead perpetrating a sinister plot forces a fleet admiral and ordinary citizens into difficult choices, plus they’re being discredited, destroyed, or hunted down.

Meanwhile, on planet Lumus, even more truth is rising to the surface as our heroes and heroines, aided by a mysterious savior, slip through enemy lines, discovering other races during the process.